Another Level - Minnie Cherry
This Modeling Family Has An Ugly Duckling Who
Broke The Beauty Trend

From their great grandparents to their youngest offspring, the Weber family pride themselves for having a family of only beauty queens and kings.

All of them possess highly respected beauty jobs in which looking good and presentable are of utmost priority.

The Ugly Duckling

Despite beauty being genetic, there was one who wasn’t so lucky. As they were expecting another normal healthy baby, God had other plans.

Juliana was just a child yet she was already filled with wrinkles. All the while being cursed with the most sensitive skin doctors had ever seen.

She couldn’t even step outside without being in harm’s way.

“We were hoping for her to be born gorgeous as well. Life is simply easier when you can charm others at a glance.”

“But not everyone has to be a supermodel to be beautiful inside. We still loved her as much as any other goddesses.”

– Toriel, Juliana’s Mother

From the looks alone, she appeared like she was burnt under the sun; a vampire trying to live as a normal human. All the while having a face that was deemed horrific even by herself.

“I was just a child, yet I looked like a miniature granny. Everyone kept mistaking my age, making me feel unwelcomed in any group.”

“I just wanted to hide away from everything. Even the sun can be deadly to me, as if it too was judging me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t part of the family at all, just so people would stop comparing me to my siblings.”

– Juliana

Wrong Turn Of Event

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. During a normal summer’s day when she was sitting in her own house, her vision started to blur.

And soon after, her skin began to crack and bleed all over the place!

Before she could even notice it, everything faded into black and the next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital. She almost died from the blood lost.

Finally realizing the danger of her skin, the family began their search for any type of solution. Medication, skin therapy and even muscle acupuncture, they tried everything!

From one doctor to another, none could help at all.

A Glimpse Of Hope

Until one day, during their endless search, they finally found Dr. Jen who’s a dermatologist with 40 years of experience in skin sensitivity and irritation.

Interested in her situation, she decided to perform a Reflectance Confocal Microscopy skin scan in order to show what’s truly happening to her body.

What she found was massively concerning.

“Her skin lacks multiple important skin-protecting vitamins including Vitamin C, B and E, which can cause her to be vulnerable to outside forces, from simple bacteria to even the sun! Where 5 minutes is enough for her to be sunburnt.”

“Over exposure to UV rays can cause damage to our blood vessels, leading people to bleed in some cases. Sadly, Juliana is one of those cases where the sun chip away her skin completely.”

- Dr. Jen

Beauty Among The Hills

However, Dr. Jen noted that Juliana reminded her of another case regarding a lone gardener named Lannie, all the way in Norway. She too was robbed of her beauty.

“When Lannie was a child, her house caught on fire while she was asleep. The flame took away her beauty, marking her with huge scars and skin sensitivity. As if her skin was completely burnt off.”

“However, after just a week, she went back to her youthful skin again! Which was the fastest recovery I had seen in my years as a dermatologist.”

- Dr. Jen

During Dr. Jen’s interview with her, the following was what Lannie said about her secret to recovery.

“It was awful, my skin would constantly shed all over the place and any lotion would just make it worse. Luckily, my parents used to practice a skincare tradition in our hometown which they use plant oils to combat scars and wrinkles.”

“So, I was taken to the town of Tromso, where the sun never sets for months. At first, I thought it would be nightmare for a skin. Yet all of the townsfolks’ complexion were as smooth as a baby.”

“When we finally reached our family-owned sunflower field, I was told to apply the seed oil upon my skin. Doubtful but desperate, I tried it anyway and the results were shocking! My skin had never felt so protected before! It’s like I just renewed my whole body.”

– Lannie

Sun’s Hidden Magic

Skeptical, she brought back some of Lannie’s sunflowers’ seeds to investigate.

It turned out, Lannie’s family was known for their high-quality plantation. Their garden soil was of the perfect composition and fertility due to its warm temperature provided by the constant sun, as well as the continuous stream of energy and food for the plants. Paired with proper water management and care, this family managed to grow anything into peak condition; especially the sunflowers.

The oil contained the perfect amount of Omega-6 Essence which aids in cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. It also contained high number of antibacterial properties, which was exactly what Juliana needed to survive as it would protect her sensitive skin from external factors.

A Stop From Suffering

By extracting and enhancing the sunflower’s components, Dr. Jen’s created her first prototype of her masterpiece, with Juliana being the first volunteer.

Almost immediately after trying out the prototype, Juliana’s skin began to change.

“At first, I was doubtful but I tried it anyway. Almost immediately, my irritations started fading away! Never had my skin felt so free in all my life. No longer do I need multiple layers of clothing just to not burn.”

– Juliana


Seeing the potential of the oil, Dr. Jen assembled a team of chemist and doctors to get started on the development of a new product. After months of trial and error, Alluria™ was finally born.

“Using Lannie’s unique sunflower seeds and tons of Omega-6 Essence, Alluria™ is able to remove dead skin cells while promoting the growth of healthier ones. The added Linoleic essence also act as a powerful healing and anti-aging agent.”

“In addition to this, Alluria™ also provides high amount of Vitamin E as well, which deters the skin from premature aging and inflammation. And that’s only the basics on what Alluria™ can do!”

- Dr. Jen

A Global Makeover

When Alluria™ was first launched, it gained more than 200, 000 valued clients all around the globe, with wondrous reviews and results.

Over 98% of customers stated that Alluria™ is now their number 1 cream, one of which was none other than Juliana herself.

“Before Alluria™, I would always need multiple layers of the oil just for a day of protection and beauty. And even then, sometimes I would still get sunburns.”

“However, now all I need is a few drops of Alluria™ and I’m all set to go!”

- Juliana

After using Alluria™, she immediately became the talk of the community with people lining up to befriend her. Now her once empty phone is filled with loving messages and new contacts.

Within a week of using the product, she had already gained a reputation, becoming the face of the town. Not only does she eventually join the ranks of her family but she was also regarded as the best amongst them! A true underdog beauty model.

However, she is only one of many happy endings in this story. Join in and become part of the fairytale.

Don’t let life decide your beauty for you.