Shield Your Beauty

There’s nothing like spending quality time at the beach, in the park or on a summer’s vacation trip; all while looking as our best. Unfortunately, the sun can sometimes disagree with our adventures. UV rays are known to cause nasty sun burns and wrinkles upon too much exposure, forcing us to balance fun with our beauty. And the sun isn’t even the only thing that can cause skin damage; other factors include stress, age, and even your own genetics.

That is exactly why Alluria™ was made! Using high-end technology and the power of nature, Alluria™ would make quick work on those foul wrinkles and rashes. No longer would our beauty be determined by environments outside our control.

The Science of The Magic

Alluria™ is made by grinding our uniquely grown sunflowers’ seeds into dust before processing it into a serum. Enhanced with Linoleic Essence, this chemical is able to strengthen the skin’s barrier to shield off both UV rays as well as unwanted germs. It would also aid as a powerful healing and anti-wrinkle agents to combat scars and premature aging from the sun.

In addition, Alluria™ promotes cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation by infusing it with high amount of Omega-6 essence. This chemical contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps manage acnes and rough skin by healing dead skin cells and wounds. Not only that, but Omega-6 also allows for better moisturization where it provides the skin with nourishment and hydration; this prevents skin infection and dryness all together.

What Alluria™ Brings for You
Removes wrinkles
Heals the skin of wounds and scars
Hydrates the skin and maintain its freshness
Protects skin from harmful UV rays
Provides protection from bacteria
Prevents acne development

Application Tutorial

1. After cleansing the preferred area of skin, apply 3 – 5 drops of Alluria™ in the palm of your hand.

2. Gently massage in a circular motion on the intended area.

3. Apply until it’s fully absorbed.

Note: Note: Perform a patch test before applying on face to check for allergic reaction. If there’s no negative side effects, feel free to use the product to its fullest potential.

*For optimal result, it is suggested to complete the full treatment of 3 bottles.
Valued Testimonies
Throughout my life, I have always lived with my sensitive skin. Applying make-up simply makes it even worse. It was horrible, my skin would start cracking and shedding off like a dried-up shell. But, after my encounter with Alluria™, I was finally able to go outside without fearing my skin falling apart. I have never in my life felt so protected before, even people at work noticed my new smooth look. No longer do I need to live my life under the shade!

Dana Steela, LA

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My skin had always been tough and strong, never needing beauty products to maintain it. However, ever since I took up life-guarding duties at the beach, the sun has been putting my skin through hell and back. It would get so dry to the point of causing me to have continuous sunburns every day. That is the case until my dermatologist recommended me Alluria™, now I can patrol the beach without having to hide under a shade. Just a few drops of Alluria™ is all I needed to last the whole day while still looking at my prime! Thank you Alluria™.

Mable Watson, MN

✔ Verified Purchase

As I get older and older every day, I find my skin starting to suffer the toll of time. I do my best to feel young by doing various outdoor activities, but when it comes to my skin, I’m completely lost. I’ve tried every skincare product I can find but nothing could hide the wrinkles. However, when I started using Alluria™, my condition had never seen a better day than this. All my wrinkles and scars started fading away the moment I used it. Now I can finally look young and feel young while having the wisdom of an 84-year-old!

Jonnie Mccan, SC

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