Snails Practice - Minnie Cherry
Discover The Miraculous Clinic That Turns
Back The Hands Of Time

This woman rewinds time each time she steps out of this clinic, finding herself back in her twenties.

This is Ha Joon. She was a pioneer star on the K-Pop scene who exploded onto the scene with her talent and beauty. She had the whole nation swooning for her with a single smile.

Even though she had retired more than twenty years ago, her beauty still rivals the current stars.

Her youthful looks caught the attention of Dr. Elise Lambert, a dermatologist with 30 years’ experience.

Unravelling The Mystery

Dr. Lambert met with Ha-Joon, wanting to know her secret. What she said took the doctor by surprise.

“I owe it all to an incredible clinic in the countryside”

“They have a miracle technique that has kept me young for decades”

-Ha Joon

Dr. Lambert was curious about this age-defying skincare procedure and visited the clinic to find out more.

The clinic had been owned by the same family for generations, with Ji-Ho carrying on the legacy.

“We only perform a single kind of facial treatment here”

“Which is an all-natural method”

“Our clients come to us to avoid surgery and Botox”


To prove the treatment’s effectiveness, Ji-Ho invited Dr. Lambert to observe her work. She placed several snails on her client’s face and allowed them to roam freely on her face for two hours. The results were astonishing; her client’s skin was so much firmer and softer. Even the fine lines on her face had completely faded!

Dr. Lambert knew that snail mucin held many benefits for the skin, but she didn’t understand how these snails were special. Ji-Ho showed Dr. Lambert the clinic’s snail farm.

“My ancestor was the one who discovered the snails”

“Finding they helped treat their scars and calluses”

“We’ve never found any other snails so effective”

“Ever since then, we have cultivated these snails”

“Ensuring they live a pampered lifestyle in our farms”

“Each snail is then handpicked for their starring moment”

“This ensures our clients receive the finest mucin”


Dr. Lambert was allowed to take a sample of mucin, bringing it back to her lab for more in-depth research. There, she discovered something astounding; unlike common mucin this contained an abundance of retinol, which naturally boosts skin cell production.

Snail Mucin: The Future Of Skincare

With that, Dr. Lambert realized that this discovery could help so many but she knew not everyone could fly to Korea to partake in the lengthy treatment. Dr. Lambert collaborated with Ji-Ho to perfect the formulae from the mucin by enhancing the naturally occurring Retinol and extracting the purest essence without harming the snails. It took many years of tireless effort but finally, Snélia™ was born.

“Aging and sun exposure causes most skin issues”

“The skin’s outer dermis layer starts thinning”

“Leading to weak connective tissues and loss of elasticity”

“These issues lead to wrinkles, dry skin and sagging”

“Snélia™ is a skin renewal serum”

“Containing retinol that is a compound in Vitamin A”

“It chemically exfoliates the skin”

“Removing dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth”

“Snélia™ contains rich amounts of hyaluronic acid”

“Which strengthens your skin’s natural barrier”

“Returning the skin to its original supple state”

“The rich glycolic acid boosts collagen production”

“Repairing the weakened connective tissues”

“Which in turns restores the elasticity of the skin”

“Ridding our face of wrinkles and lines”

“Snélia™ aids the skin to naturally regain its moisture”

“Allowing it to fight against free radicals”

“This serum also contains anti-inflammatory properties”

“That fights acnes, redness and dark spots in the skin”

“Overall keeping our young, supple and smooth”

-Dr. Lambert

Snelia™’s Worldwide Debut

Snélia™ was soon launched worldwide and positive reviews were flooding in, with many loving the convenience and effectiveness.

One satisfied user is Maggie McDaniel, age 72.

“I’ve suffered with skin issues all my life”

“Bad acnes led to heavy scarring”

“As I got older, my skin became so dry and wrinkly”

“I’ve tried so many serums and treatments”

“But nothing worked”

“I had zero confidence and tried to hide it”

“But the makeup made my skin even worse”

“But then my daughter bought me Snélia™”

“It’s been only a week and it’s worked wonders”

“My scars have faded, and my skin is so moisturized”

“Even my wrinkles have disappeared, and I look ten years younger!”

“And I haven’t had to use makeup anymore”

“I’ve never felt this confident in my life”


To keep from stressing the limited snails, the mucin can only be harvested in small quantities. Thus, production is limited, and supply is already dwindling fast!

Don’t move at a snail’s pace, hurry, and grab Snélia™ today.

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