Youngest Pilot - Minnie Cherry
Lady Luck Spared His Life And Sent
Him For An Adventure Of His Lifetime

This boy broke records as the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world even after flying straight into adversity! Although no one expected him to make it out of his hospital bed, he’s soaring to greater heights today.

It all started one day on a routine flight. Logan experienced a mechanical failure midair he attempted to land the plane as quickly as he could and just when he thought he would make it, a sudden gust of wind threw him off course causing the plane to crash!

Stormy Patch

After, Logan was hospitalized for months with serious injuries including severe memory loss which left him unable to recall his past.

“Complete loss of memory is possible after such a traumatic accident.”

“Logan’s mental condition has regressed by 90%, almost to that of a newborn child. We only see this in cases of mentally challenged or those suffering from dementia.”

“The cognitive impairment he’s experiencing will permanently impact him.”

– Dr. Axel Bridge

The doctor’s news was too much for Logan’s parents they were completely heartbroken as he couldn’t even recognize their faces.

Glimmer Of Hope

Trying to restore his lost memory, Logan’s parents took him to many familiar places. However, none of them triggered even a shred of recognition. But not all hope was lost! As a visit to his best friend, John’s house would prove to be the turning point. After smelling a pleasant scent in John’s house, flashes of scenes from his past suddenly replayed in his mind!

“We were worried because Logan suddenly gripped his head as if he was in pain! But after calming him down, he looked up and there was a spark of recognition.”

“I almost cried when he called us mom and dad. We thought he would never remember us because his injuries were so severe.”

– Lucy Redwood Jr., Logan’s Mom

Fragrance Of Life

As if the smell activated and unlocked his past memories effortlessly, Logan even recognized his parents for the first time since the accident! And they were in awe of his progress since nothing had worked before this. His parents wondered if the scent was the key to helping Logan recover his memories they asked John what the source of the scent was.

“My dad actually came up with this oil mixture on his own.”

“Being a chief neurologist, he works very long hours in the most complex surgeries.”

“He needs to be in top form and each step has to be precise as it could be the difference between life and death for the patient.”

“He found this remedy helped to increase his focus and mental sharpness."

– John Palma

John encouraged Logan to try the oil mixture believing it could help save his friend’s memories and lifelong dream. Logan and his parents were skeptical but figured they had nothing to lose. After just two weeks of using the oil Logan was making substantial improvements! He could perfectly recall his pilot lessons without referring to his manuals.

Even John’s father, Dr. Sean was surprised by the good news it never occurred to him that his homemade oil could actually reverse major mental deterioration. Seeing this as a major breakthrough, he realized it could help trauma survivors and even those suffering from dementia. He went on to run more tests to increase the efficacy of the oil.

“Finally, after years of research, Euphorix™ is born. With rosemary and frankincense oil as the main ingredients, my research has shown that rosemary oil prevents acetylcholine breakdown, which is the chemical responsible for thinking, concentration and memory.”

“Euphorix™ helps harness the power of our mental cognition by stimulating the brain’s neurotransmitters. It triggers up to 80% more olfactory receptors, helping the mind stay focused and overcome stress signals.”

“The frankincense oil in Euphorix™ also has calming and comforting properties, thereby further regulating mood. With these two powerhouse ingredients, Euphorix™ multiplies cognitive functions by boosting memory recollection and problem-solving skills, reversing even the most severe brain decline”

– Dr. Sean Palma, Creator of Euphorix™

Sky’s The Limit

Dr. Sean believed that Euphorix™ would improve Logan’s recovery even further and after a month’s use, Logan could pilot his plane on his own! Not only that, he became the youngest solo pilot around the world at just 16!

“I never thought I would ever fly again after my accident but Euphorix™ helped me achieved my lifelong dream!”

- Logan Redwood Jr., Youngest Pilot To Fly Solo Around The World

Since its launch, Euphorix™ has received countless rave reviews from satisfied users.

“My granny has become rather forgetful in recent years. It’s so bad she can’t even remember our names.”

“I was really worried and bought a lot medication for her but nothing worked until I came across Euphorix™. After using it for about 2 weeks, I realized there was a change. She was able to greet us by name and even remember the places we went to.”

“In disbelief at first, I told her to continue using it for a couple more weeks and the longer she was using it, the sharper her memory became. Now she can even play jigsaw puzzles all by herself. It’s amazing what Euphorix™ can do!”

– April Jensen

If you’ve ever felt it’s too late to achieve your dreams, let Logan’s story remind you that nothing is impossible.

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