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This Kid Became Her Own Neurosurgeon And Saved Herself Without Moving An Inch For Years

After curing over 4,000 patients in just her first year on the job, Dr. Emma is the most talented neurological genius in the medical world today!

Without the need for lengthy therapy or surgeries, she’s the only doctor to ever fully fix a paralyzed victim, with her first patient being herself!

An Unforgiving Origin

During her childhood, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Unlike any other normal kid, Emma was cursed with an unforgiving illness.

It started off with just a faint stiffness of the body, but soon it progressed into the numbness of fingers and toes.

Like freezing them in constant ice; she could still move them, but no longer feel them. It was slowly immobilizing her into a statue, forcing her to be bed ridden.

All at the age of 5!

“I fell apart when doctors said she had the worst case of Cerebral Palsy ever. Typically, it takes years for victims to be crippled, yet my little angel is already fully paralyzed in just 3 months.”

“I tried talking to her but I don’t even know if she could hear me. Even breathing becomes difficult for her sometimes.”

“We never got to know her before it was too late. What her favorite food is, or what color she liked. The disease stole her life from her.”

- Caroline, Emma’s mother

Mother’s Faith And Will

Unwilling to give up hope, Caroline took Emma through countless medications, therapy sessions and even acupunctures. Yet nothing would help even a bit.

And soon, Emma was no less than a living stone… even then, Caroline still continued her endless search for a cure. Just anything that can ease her pain.

Until one day, all her efforts were rewarded with a miracle of a lifetime; during a regular hospital visit, Emma’s fingers finally started moving once more!

Immediately she started recovering, taking back control of her upper body in just a few days. Within a week, she even started walking again after 3 years of stillness. And by the end of the second week, she was as elegant and energetic as ever before!

She soon returned to her school to shock everyone as she started excelling in every subject she’s took, with an IQ of a PhD holder. She even started learning biochemistry at the age of 8!

Eventually leading her to receive a scholarship from a university to become a doctor; she ended up majoring in surgery, medicine and neurology all at once!

“I would never have made it if it weren’t for my mom. While I was locked inside my own body, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t move an inch at all.”

“The only thing that gave me hope was my mom’s scent. It made me realized she’s always there for me. After I could talk again, I asked for the scented bag, telling her it would help my recovery.”

“The next thing we knew, I was walking out the hospital with my mom.”

– Emma

A Hunt for Truth

Emma’s case soon caught the attention of a world leading neurologist, Dr. Reece. Fascinated by her story and wanted to know more, she decided to pay them a visit.

“When I reached there, I did not expect to see a whole jungle in her house and all from the same species of plant as well, giving off a strong yet calming scent.”

“It’s like a constant alarm, I have never felt so awake before in my life. Every information was completely memorized during the trip.”

“I even ended up helping Caroline with her work, an architectural project. Somehow my math was as good as hers despite being in a completely different field.”

- Dr. Reece

Dr. Reece was curious about the scent and this was what Caroline answered with.

“During my daily visits, I would sometimes break down emotionally. It was terrible and each one was worse than the last.”

“That was when I recalled my late mother calming herself using a home-made incense, created from an ancient tea tree we had. And so, I re-grew it for myself.”

“Since then, my mood had never been better. Sometimes I would even bring a scented bag on my visits to pray with Emma, as if she too was praying for a miracle”

- Caroline

Science Within Magic

Skeptical but interested, Dr. Reece decided to take a sample to the lab for testing.

What she found was something world-changing.

“As it turns out, the tea tree leaves contain a high amount of Terpenoids which is famous in the medical field for promoting blood flow towards the brain. Allowing it to be rich in nutrients and resources, this leads to better memory along with stronger decision-making abilities.”

“Richer nutrients would also aid in nerve regeneration and replacement, improving communications between the brain’s neurons and the body.”

“Slowly but surely, it can help increase motor skills in general, which was exactly what Emma needed to recover. And is also what made Emma and Caroline one of the smartest people I’ve known.”

- Dr. Reece


Acknowledging the life-changing potential of tea trees, Dr. Reece gathered a team of scientist and went to work on a better version by enhancing the leaves’ essence before infusing it with tons of Terpenoids.

After months of constant experiments, Yolhana™ was finally born!

“By applying Yolhana™ on each temple of the head, the scent can enter via the nose. And from there, it would stimulate the brain’s nervous system along with boosting neuron activities and functions.”

“Yolhana™ doesn’t just promote healing, it also allows for better overall brain operation which leads to improved multi-tasking and learning abilities.”

“The scent itself would trigger the mind to be more focus and calm at the same time, enhancing the user’s attention span and mental awareness.”

“Coupled with general enhanced cognitive skills, this allows everyone to perform at their peak regardless of age.”

- Dr. Reece

Break Your Own Limit

To test Yolhana’s™ power, a clinical trial was conducted with over 2,000 willing participants, the first to try was none other than Emma herself. This is what she had to say about Yolhana™.

“Shockingly, it was better than the scented bag! Ever since I included Yolhana™ into my life, my learning rate sky rocketed, eventually finishing up all my degrees within the second year of enrollment!”

“I could not have done it without Dr. Reece’s Yolhana™ magic. That’s why, to give back to the world, I became a neurological surgeon.”

“And with Yolhana™, I could save countless lives within just the first year!”

– Emma