Living Dictionary: The Boy Who Mastered Every
Language In The World Simply By Listening!

At just 17 years-old, Brent Matthews’ innate understanding of linguistics has led to huge breakthroughs in the field, as he has successfully translated previously unknown ancient languages!

“I’m glad I can contribute to the field of linguistics.”

“Translations of ancient languages could lead to insights on long-lost cultures, allowing us to reclaim lost pieces of our past.”

“Most people think language is just for communication, but it’s actually a complex and vital form of information exchange!”

- Brent Matthews

The Language Savant’s Troubled Childhood

Brent’s meteoric rise in linguistics has drawn the interest of Dr. Kendra Grey, a neurologist with 20 years of experience in the field. She decided to visit Brent to learn how he processes language so effortlessly.

Brent revealed that he actually had a learning disability as a child and couldn’t even recognize or remember alphabets and words. It made speaking very difficult and everyone thought he was dumb.

A Fortunate Knock On The Head

All that changed when Brent got into an accident in school. During a renovation, a piece of wood got loose and fell right on him! He ended up in a coma for several weeks.

When he woke up, he was suddenly able to speak normally!

“All of a sudden, the words made sense to me.”

“It was like a fog had been lifted from my mind.”

“The structure and rhythm of languages were suddenly clear.”

“It became so easy for me to absorb and learn.”

“I could learn a whole new language in a few days after just listening to it.”

- Brent Matthews

The Restructured Brain

This made Dr. Grey curious, so she decided to perform scans of Brent’s brain.

“The scan results revealed that Brent’s has an unusually active hippocampus, an area of the brain that’s intimately tied with learning and memory.”

“The scans also show much higher levels of gray matter and white matter retention, meaning his brain is highly adaptive to changes in environment and thought patterns.”

“It is known that traumatic incidents can rewire the brain.”

“I believe that the accident caused structural changes in Brent’s brain.”

“Resulting in his hippocampus kicking into overdrive, allowing Brent to be more efficient in absorbing and retaining new languages!”

- Dr. Grey

Aromatherapy: Man’s Ancient Brain-Booster

With this information, Dr. Grey decided to attempt recreating the same effect in other people.

“We can achieve this through aromatherapy.”

“As our sense of smell is 10,000 times more acute than other senses, so our brain reacts more quickly to scent than any other stimuli.”

“Humans have been using it as a method of healing and enlightenment for millennia.”

“Now with modern-day science, we can enhance the potency of aromatherapy to tap into our brain’s full potential!”

- Dr. Grey

The Creation of Psyce™

After extensive research, Dr. Grey and her team decided to use rosemary, a herb long-known for its ability to enhance mental performance. Utilizing the latest in steam-distillation technology, they were able to extract rosemary’s essence in its purest form to get the most potent affect possible and stimulate changes in the brain similar to Brent.

The result was Psyce™!

“Psyce™ contains highly concentrated levels of rosmarinic acid, a type of phenolic compound that has a wide array of benefits for brain development.”

“Upon inhaling Psyce™, the rosmarinic acid compound is transported directly to the brain.”

“It enhances the brain’s ability to process and retain new information, by reducing protein oxidation in the hippocampus.”

“Psyce™’s anti-oxidative properties inhibit production of enzymes in the brain, preventing the breakdown of neurotransmitters and enhancing cognitive functions.”

“This greatly boosts the brain’s ability to process and respond to new stimuli.”

“Psyce™ also acts as a powerful neuroprotector by reducing oxidative stress due to the heightened anti-oxidative compounds present in the concentrated essence.”

“Freeing your brain from the foggy fatigue that normally comes from a busy day.”

- Dr. Grey

Psyce™’s Resounding Success

In the clinical trials, 97% of testers reported improved performance. One of them is Jennifer Garcia, a 65-years old working on her doctorate.

“I have to read tons of journals and have a lot of data to crunch.”

“All this research takes hours to go through!”

“My head gets so confused and it gets hard to concentrate.”

“Everything changed when I tried Psyce™!”

“I can recall and better absorb the information I read and no longer have trouble concentrating even after working the entire day.”

“I’ve really made great progress in my work thanks to Psyce™!”

- Jennifer Garcia

Another one is 81 years-old Jimmy Poitier.

“I have trouble remembering things, like where I kept my keys or phone, even when I’m holding them in my hands!”

“The worst part is sometimes I can’t remember my son’s name, or my grandkids!”

“It makes me feel terrible because I’m losing my memories!”

“After my son got me to try Psyce™, I’ve been much better.”

“I can remember where I keep my things and recall my family’s names perfectly and I could even remember the day my son first spoke, he called me ‘daddy’.”

“I’m really glad I found this!”

- Jimmy Poitier

Psyce™ has been a resounding success since its launch, helping thousands of people around the world. But stocks are running low as producing Psyce™ is a meticulous process, making it difficult to keep up with demand! So get yours now before it runs out!

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