Our brain is the supercomputer that oversees all the functions of our body. But more than that, it actively processes and responds to tons of information and stimuli. At times, this constant data bombardment can get too much and overload the brain, leading to mental fatigue that can negatively impact our decision-making processes.

Boost your brain’s performance with Psyce™! This essential oil is designed to give you a mental boost, one drop at a time.

Psyce™: Boosting Your Mental Performance

Made from the purest rosemary essence extracted via the latest steam-distillation technology, Psyce™ is an all-natural essential oil that allows your brain to perform to its maximum potential!

Its aromatic scent triggers the brain to produce hormones that promote mental well-being by inhibiting enzymatic reaction that weaken cognitive functions. This enhances your mental acuity, improving concentration while also relaxing and calming the mind, helping you deal with stress and anxiety while promoting clearer thinking, improved focus and memory.

All these benefits come together to make sure that your mind is in peak condition all day, keeping you alert and sharp, ready to take on any challenges that come your way.

Benefits Of Psyce™

  • Boosts mental ability and agility
  • Enhances cognitive function and memory
  • Improves focus and alertness
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Positively boosts mood
  • Soothes sinus inflammation
  • Relieves headaches and nausea
  • Promotes rest and relaxation

Directions For Use

Psyce™ can be applied in a variety of ways. The following are some suggested applications:

Massage – Apply a few drops (or as preferred) into the palm of your hands and gently massage with even pressure into temple or any other desired area until fully absorbed.

Diffusion – Place 2-3 drops of Psyce™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner and gently breathe in this aromatic scent.

Inhale – Simply dab a few drops (or as preferred) onto pillow before sleeping.

Note: For best results, 3 bottles are needed to complete one full treatment.
I run a start-up, and have a lot of work on my plate. With so many things going on, I get mixed up and worry I might make a bad decision. A lot of things depend on my decisions and one mistake can mess everything up. It can get overwhelming and very stressful. Since I started using Psyce™, I’ve been able to manage my stress levels better. Not only that, I can process things much more effortlessly, and all that organizational mess has become clearer, making it much more straightforward for me to handle. Definitely getting this for my team. Highly recommend it!

James Walcott, NY

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I’m in my final year at university and the workload has gotten so heavy. Plus, I’m also working part-time to pay for rent. With everything going on, it’s hard for me to keep up with my studies as I get too tired to concentrate. Luckily, I found this online and decided to try it. Everything’s been better since then! Balancing work and studies has become so much easier and I don’t get so stressed out anymore. I have no trouble concentrating and absorbing information even when I’m tired, and I feel so refreshed after a short break since I started using Psyce™.

Bethany Wilson, WA

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My 85-years old mom lives with us and she just has trouble remembering things. It could be where she keeps her things or sometimes even our names. She also likes to go out for walks but once she got lost so we always have to accompany her. A friend recommended this so I’ve been helping her apply it daily. The difference is night and day! She has no trouble remembering where she keeps her stuff now and has no trouble recalling our names! Once, she actually went out for a walk without us realizing, and while we were panicking she just walks right in through the door as cool as cucumber! It’s wonderful to see her doing so well! Psyce™’s definitely been a lifesaver!

Melanie Grayson, FL

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