Child Unlocks The Key To Genius Even With Half
Her Mind Missing

Friday, 29th April 2022 | Robert Kingsley, Editor-in-Chief

This child prodigy is living proof that anyone can be a genius no matter what, and the key isn’t upbringing or environment, but unlocked deep in her brain!

Although she is now known as the ‘21st Century Mozart’, Grace Bennett was not always a maestro on the piano. Instead, her story began with tragedy.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Grace was born prematurely due to a hit and run. Right after her birth, doctors noticed something was off as she did not cry at all.

Soon, they found an abnormal growth in Grace’s brain, a result of the trauma she suffered in the accident and early birth, and her condition deteriorated over the next 2 years. She could only sleep less than 3 hours each night as she suffered terrible seizures and fits.

Doctors finally suggested a risky procedure where they would have to remove half her brain to save her life. Grace was the youngest person in the world to undergo the surgery and she was given only a 1% chance at survival.

A team of 10 doctors and nurses carefully conducted the 28-hour procedure, while her family waited with bated breath. Eventually, the surgery was successful, but Grace had to deal with many side effects.

“The surgery saved our baby’s life.”

“But after, Grace started throwing a lot of tantrums and stopped picking up new learning.”

“No one could calm her down or communicate with her as she would turn very aggressive.”

“She even attacked her doctor when we went for a follow-up check!”

“Her doctors said these were side effects of the risky procedure when they removed parts of the brain related to emotional control and there was nothing they could do.”

“We shared our story online hoping that someone could help and a miracle arrived at our door in the form of Alison and Dr. Tony.”

– Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

Light In The Darkness

Alison Rivers had come across Grace’s story while scrolling her phone and she reached out to extend a beacon of hope.

“At just 4, my son fell into our swimming pool.”

“Despite rushing him immediately to the best hospital in our state, the doctors said the lack of oxygen had caused irreversible damage.”

“My son could no longer speak or read or learn after the accident.”

“If we weren’t at the same hospital as Dr. Tony, he would still be mentally impaired today.”

“Dr. Tony’s prototype invention reversed his brain damage!”

“Now, my son is picking up 6 languages all on his own.”

“With an IQ of over 150, he’s surpassing even the greatest thinkers of all time.”

– Alison Rivers

Hope From The Himalayas

Grace’s parents were amazed at the story. With Alison’s help, they connected with Dr. Tony Green. He gave Grace’s parents a small bottle of oil, and when they used it with Grace, they saw astonishing progress. Her tantrums and aggressiveness stopped. Instead, she was calm, gentle, and focused. Grace also started learning again and developing an ear for music!

“Her latest brain scan showed that she functions at 120% brain capacity, which would be difficult even for those with both parts of their brain!”

– Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

Her parents asked Dr. Tony how his oil could achieve such results, and he explained the cutting-edge science behind his groundbreaking creation, Carolin™.

“I conducted my research with Tibetan monks in the Himalayas.”

“Their MRI scans showed their brain waves were synchronized in a pattern known as gamma synchrony.”

“Gamma waves produced are responsible for higher brain functions associated with intelligence, and the monks produced up to 10 times compared to someone with Einstein level IQ!”

– Dr. Tony Green

Carolin™ - A New Frontier

When Dr. Tony asked the Tibetan monks about their secret, they led him to the tallest trees in the region, the cedar tree. Native to the Himalayas, the monks burned fragrant cedarwood as incense daily, and Dr. Tony’s research on the cedarwood extract confirmed the monks’ abilities.

“This is the best kept secret of this Everest region as the cedarwood manages to alter enzyme activity in the hippocampus, the brain region that's responsible for intelligence and learning.”

“With the cedar tree, the Tibetan monks have reversed impairment and aging.”

– Dr. Tony Green

Dr. Tony created a prototype which was steam distilled cedarwood oil, and while it achieved success with Alison Rivers and her son, the steam distillation process didn’t retain the aromatic scent and produced lower amounts of oil.

He decided to improve the extraction method and formula to create Carolin™:

“Carolin™ contains the purest extracts of Himalayan cedarwood.”

“It repairs damaged brain neurons as a result of age or trauma.”

“By boosting production of neurotransmitters in the brain, a neuroprotective layer is formed, allowing the brain to work at 12 times its usual speed!”

“The cedarwood scent produces a calming and soothing effect on emotions, providing feelings of security and stability which can alleviate anxiety.”

“Carolin™ also builds new neural connections and bridges for enhanced cognitive development, especially high-level processes, and regrows brain tissue to prevent degeneration and decline.”

“With its altered enzyme state, Carolin™ manages to increase memory and concentration as well as improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills.”

“No learning curve will be too steep as it’s now possible to overcome cognitive trauma and age with Carolin™!”

– Dr. Tony Green, Creator of Carolin™

Making The Impossible Possible

Grace and her parents have seen leaps and bounds of improvement with continued use. In just 4 months, Grace taught herself the piano surpassing the level of maestros! She also developed perfect pitch thanks to her intense focus and can play any song after hearing it just once.

Today, she’s the youngest performer at world famous Carnegie Hall at only 3 and no longer suffers symptoms of seizures and PTSD.

“Half of our hearts were buried when doctors removed half of Grace’s brain, but now, she’s breaking past every obstacle.”

“So, don’t give up hope if you’re fighting against age or impairment.”

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel with Carolin™!”

– Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

Grace’s experience is just one of many success stories with Carolin™, with 98.6% of customers reporting improvement after use. One such satisfied customer is David Wilson:

“I was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s when I was in my 60s and it felt like I was slowly losing parts of myself, as I couldn’t recall my family or even what I did.”

“It was frustrating and distressing to feel so helpless, but my grandkids got me Carolin™ and it’s been a lifesaver!”

“My memories come to me crystal clear now, and I’ve also managed to learn new things quickly with laser focus.”

“I’ve picked up coding even at my age with ease.”

“Carolin™ gave me my years back and I’m forever grateful.”

– David Wilson

Take Control Of Your Health

“If we would do anything to maintain our physical health, how much more should we protect our cognitive health?”

“Our brains are our bodies’ most important organ, and protecting it now can spark life and vitality no matter what.”

– Dr. Tony Green

Experience an elevation of your mind today with Carolin™! The key to unlocking its power and potential is in your hands.